4 Million Classifications Reached

Hi All,

We hope you are all well and keeping safe and sane during these trying and daunting times

We wanted to say Thank You!

You have helped BashtheBug reach over 4 million classifications:

Total classifications since the project began: 4, 028, 152

You have looked at over 15,000 samples, which has helped the *CRyPTIC project prepare its first dataset for release, which will form the basis of: several big publications and a number of smaller ones including machine learning, a new catalogue and a genome-wide association study to look for genes that confer resistance no one has noticed yet.

Well done to all our volunteers for making this happening!

*The project is part of the CRyPTIC Comprehensive Resistance Prediction for Tuberculosis: an International Consortium is a world-wide collaboration between tuberculosis (TB) research institutions all over the world to achieve better, faster and more targeted treatment of multidrug-resistant TB via genetic resistance prediction.

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