BashTheBug at the Science Museum

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A group of us from Modernising Medical Microbiology headed off to the Science Museum in London this afternoon to talk about antibiotic resistance with, well, anyone at one of their Lates events. This one was called “The Next Big Thing” and was co-sponsored by the Royal Society. Our stand, which was called “Resistance is Futile!”, was a mixture of games (try copying a DNA sequence … using a dance mat) and information (we have a couple of Oxford Nanopore MinION 3rd generation DNA sequencers in our pockets).


Results of the beta-testing

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Thanks to all the beta testers who have tried out our BashTheBug project these last six days. In that short period of time 629 volunteers made a staggering total of 30,262 classifications. We’ve also got feedback on how easy or hard the task was from 164 volunteers.
We are currently making some change to the task, including the help text and the tutorial and hope to launch in April 2017.

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