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  • BashTheBug paper out!
    Read the first scientific paper published in eLife. Anyone can go to the website and read it, there is no paywall. Each image is looked at by … Read more
  • Read all about it!
    The first scientific paper investigating how we can best use all the classifications done by our volunteers is now available for anyone to download and read here. … Read more
  • Oxford Public Engagement with Research Conference 2020
    We gave a talk, “Setting up an online citizen science project on the Zooniverse is easy: the BashTheBug experience” to other researchers at the University of Oxford … Read more
  • 4 Million Classifications Reached
    Hi All, We hope you are all well and keeping safe and sane during these trying and daunting times We wanted to say Thank You! You have … Read more
  • BashTheBug part of Earth School
    In response to the COVID pandemic, UN Environment (UNEP), TED Education, and many other partners and contributors around the world launched Earth School, which aims to give … Read more
  • Talking Science
    As part of the Talking Science series, Philip Fowler gave an evening talk via Zoom on Fri 15 May 2020. The recording can be watched via this … Read more
  • Science Friday livestream
    Ariel Zych and Diana Montano team from Science Friday hosted a discussion with Philip Fowler (BashTheBug lead), Carla Wright (BashTheBug coordinator) and Helen Spiers (Zooniverse liaison) yesterday … Read more
  • BashTheBug on ScienceFriday
    Last Friday 24 April 2020, Laura Trouille, who is Co-Principal Investigator for the Zooniverse and Vice President of Citizen Science at the Adler Planetarium, was interviewed on … Read more
  • Zooniverse volunteer study
    You may have received this email from the Zooniverse Team and already taken part; if so, thank you. If not, please consider participating as the more volunteers … Read more
  • Three million classifications
    You reached three million classifications on Sun 19 April 2020. That means it took you only 38 days to add a million classifications, which is astonishing. That … Read more
  • BashTheBug and COVID-19
    Like many of you, the researchers behind BashTheBug have been at home for a while now due to restrictions put in place to slow the progress of … Read more
  • Two Million Classifications
    You reached two million classifications on Thu 12 March 2020.
  • Shout Out….to our top 20 Volunteers
    We would like to give a special Shout Out.. and Thank You to our Top 20 volunteers: User Name Classification Rank Pego.cs 63053 1 Elisabeth B 35058 … Read more
  • Visit to The Batt School, Witney, Oxfordshire
    On Friday 13 March I visited The Batt School in Witney, Oxfordshire as part of their activities for STEM week. This is a primary school (5-11 year … Read more
  • We need YOUR help celebrating reaching two million classifications
    As of midnight Tue 10 March 2020 you had all done 1,959,626 classifications and so we will reach two million classifications later this week. To celebrate we … Read more
  • Second largest number of classifications in a day recorded
    Yesterday evening (UK time) the Zooniverse sent an email to all their Citizen Scientists encouraging them to give BashTheBug a try. By midnight you’d all done 26,208 … Read more
  • Almost there…two million classifications is in sight!
    Wow. We emailed you all a few weeks back about how we needed your help catching up with some data and you have responded!
  • This is how your work on classifications has helped us fight antibiotic resistance and Tuberculosis!
    Over the last five years since 2015, we have collected more than 100,000 samples from patients with Tuberculosis, from all over the world. We have tested which … Read more
  • Citizen Science Coordinator appointed
    We have appointed Carla Wright as the new Citizen Science Coordinator. Carla will be working on the  project along side Phil to help support our amazing volunteers.
  • Post advertised: Project Coordinator
    We are advertising for a Part-time Citizen Science Project Co-ordinator to come and work with us in Oxford improving BashTheBug, in particular how the project engages, informs … Read more
  • 1.5 Million Classifications
    Wow, last Monday you reached 1.5 million classifications. Thank you.
  • Launching BashTheBug on the Zooniverse mobile app
    After feedback from a number of volunteers, we’ve decided to change (nearly all) the workflows so you can classify images of M. tuberculosis growing using the new … Read more
  • Testing BashTheBug on mobile devices
    Until recently the Zooniverse app, which is available for Android and iOS, could only handle very simple Citizen Science projects requiring a simple yes/no. They have just … Read more
  • 2018
    Our second calendar year and it has been a busy one. Highlights of the year include reaching a million classifications! meeting a volunteer for the first time … Read more
  • Bacterial World
    BashTheBug is a small part of the new exhibition, Bacterial World, at the Museum of Natural History, University of Oxford which was launched a week ago on … Read more
  • A crocheted bug!
    Gemma Hall has crocheted a woolly bug in the process of being bashed! Love it. If anyone wants to craft any bugs, whether being bashed or not, … Read more
  • One Million Classifications
    Thanks to the hard work and persistence of all our volunteer scientists, BashTheBug reached one million classifications around noon on Tuesday 2 October!
  • A photo of everyone
    In total, we’ve done 974,283 classifications. Which means ONE MILLION isn’t too far away.
  • After the Zooniverse newsletter was sent
    Two weeks ago exactly, I posted a small update on how we were doing; how classifications had been done by our volunteers etc. Then three days later, … Read more
  • Focussing effort where it is needed
    Until now we have simply sent all the images of each M. tuberculosis sample growing on each and every of the 14 antibiotics out to be classified by … Read more
  • August 2018 update
    It has been a while since I updated everyone on how BashTheBug is going.
  • OxfordSparks podcast
    If you want to know about how BashTheBug is helping tackle tuberculosis and fits into the international CRyPTIC research project, listen to this podcast by OxfordSparks where you … Read more
  • Tuberculosis inspired textiles!
    Check out the work of my friend Lucy Turner who has created some textile designs based on various tuberculosis objects (if you look carefully you can see … Read more
  • Tuberculosis: from Victorian fashion to citizen science
    This public event comprised three talks, each about 15-25 minutes long. Videos of each talk can be found on YouTube, links below.
  • Meet Samir
    Pause for a moment and think about the 750,000+ classifications achieved by BashTheBug in its first year of existence: that is an enormous number. The next thought … Read more
  • BashTheBug at ECCMID2018
    BashTheBug has just got back from the recent European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases in Madrid, Spain. You can see some descriptive analysis of the … Read more
  • BashTheBug is one year old!
    BashTheBug was officially launched one year ago today. Since then 10,213 people from all over the world have classified 735,070 images of M. tuberculosis growth, which is … Read more
  • Super Science Saturday
    Researchers from ModMedMicro showed BashTheBug to the public today at the Oxford Natural History Museum as part of Super Science Saturday. Thanks to Nick, Tree, Ali and … Read more
  • Oxford Brookes Science Bazaar
    A week ago on Saturday, BashTheBug and Lucy Turner together ran a stall at the annual, extremely popular Oxford Brookes Science Bazaar.
  • Classifications update
    It has been a while since I provided an update on how many classifications everyone is doing. We are approaching a significant milestone; to date 9,705 people … Read more
  • Crystallisation of Clofazimine
    This is another great example of how volunteers spot things that we, the professional scientists, miss.
  • 2017
    Before 2017 slips out of mind, here is a list of all the things that happened in our first year as it has whizzed by
  • Research for All. A poem by Sam Illingworth
    This is a BashTheBug first; a poem about Citizen Science and The Zooniverse that mentions bug bashing! Head over to Sam Illingworth’s site to check it out … Read more
  • Google
    Last week, BashTheBug was invited to Google in London to celebrate winning the Community Award of the inaugural NIHR Let’s Get Digital competition. Myself and Helen Spiers … Read more
  • Half a million classifications
    We reached 500,000 classifications sometime late on Thursday 16 November 2017 – a little over seven months after launch! Thank you to all the volunteers who have … Read more
  • An evening at the London Natural History Museum
    Last Friday, along with several other Zooniverse projects, BashTheBug was invited to the monthly Lates event of the Natural History Museum in London as part of a pop-up … Read more
  • A brief update
    A bit over six months since BashTheBug launched, and it is still attracting new Citizen Scientists – over 7,350 people have contributed to the project now – … Read more
  • Six months old
    BashTheBug is six months old! To mark the event, I’ve written a longer article that appears on the Zooniverse blog which talks through in more detail the … Read more
  • NEW ethambutol images
    You may have noticed the images recently have not had much bacterial growth on them, which, if I was doing lots of classifications, would be a bit … Read more
  • BashTheBug featured on ScienceUpdate
    BashTheBug was featured yesterday on ScienceUpdate, a one-minute daily briefing on interesting topics in science run by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Click … Read more
  • Our top ten users
    Although I’ve posted before on how a small number of users do a lot of classifications and how BashTheBug follows the Pareto, or 80:20, principle, the only … Read more
  • BashTheBug on BBC Radio Oxford
    You can hear BashTheBug’s creator, Philip Fowler, briefly talk about BashTheBug how he got the idea of using Citizen Science to study antibiotic resistance and how the … Read more
  • BashTheBug has won an NIHR Let’s Get Digital award!
    Our Citizen Science project has won the Online Community award in the NIHR Let’s Get Digital competition! This is no mean feat since there were 165 entries to … Read more
  • A quick progress update
    In the six weeks since I last wrote a post with a statistics update, the Citizen Scientists have done 60,628 classifications bringing us up to 354,189. That … Read more
  • We’ve been shortlisted for an Online Community award!
    We’ve been shortlisted in the Online Community category of the NIHR Let’s Get Digital awards! The winner is decided by a public vote, so if you enjoy contributing … Read more
  • How many classifications has everyone done?
    Since the last time I gave an update the Citizen Scientists have added nearly 50,000 classifications. I say nearly, because we are at 293,591 classifications so just 6,409 shy of … Read more
  • Why have some workflows finished but not others?
    To understand this I need to explain where all the images come from. A small part of each sample of Tuberculosis is injected into each well of … Read more
  • What do you have to do in the BashTheBug citizen science project?
  • BashTheBug featured by GenomeWeb
    BashTheBug, and its parent project, CRyPTIC, have been featured in an article by GenomeWeb. This puts both projects into the wider scientific context. Note of caution – … Read more
  • Interview with Carolyn Day
    Hello Carolyn: Hiya BashTheBug. I sense an American accent hiding in there… Yep. You’d be right. I’m a Professor in British History & the History of Medicine based … Read more
  • Wow. A quarter of a million classifications.
    Was idly checking how many classifications had been done up to midnight last night to find we’ve just nudged over the quarter-of-a-million (250,033 to be exact). That is … Read more
  • The contributions to BashTheBug are following the Pareto Principle
    Last week’s post showed how a relatively few number of volunteers do a huge number of classifications. By today, the top 0.3% of citizen scientists (the top ten) have … Read more
  • The first four weeks
    Nearly a month after the public launch, the Zooniverse citizen scientists have done a staggering 152,816 classifications. That brings us to 24% through this initial dataset and 47% … Read more
  • The first fortnight
    Another amazing week. Together the Zooniverse citizen scientists did 28,721 classifications this week, bringing the grand total to 108,833. This is 19% of the way towards classifying all … Read more
  • End of week 1
    BashTheBug went live on the Zooniverse website a bit over a week ago, just after midnight on Friday 7 April. Since then 1,134 people have participated, which is … Read more
  • Online launch coverage
    BashtheBug has been covered so far by
  • End of day 1
    Thank you to everyone who had a go at BashTheBug yesterday, by the end of the day you’d done 7,724 classifications which is awesome. Also, thank you … Read more
  • BashTheBug is launched today!
    Today is the official launch of the BashTheBug citizen science project, hosted by The project invites you to help fight antibiotic resistance in Tuberculosis (TB), a disease … Read more
  • BashTheBug at the Science Museum
    A group of us from Modernising Medical Microbiology headed off to the Science Museum in London this afternoon to talk about antibiotic resistance with, well, anyone at one of … Read more
  • Results of the beta-testing
    Thanks to all the beta testers who have tried out our BashTheBug project these last six days. In that short period of time 629 volunteers made … Read more
  • The Artwork
    The beautiful background photographs of the bacteria growing in petri dishes are the result of an art project, Gut Flora, that is a collaboration between Nicola Fawcett, MMM, and Chris … Read more
  • The Aim
    BashTheBug is an online project studying, with the help of the public, antibiotic resistance in Tuberculosis (TB). It will be launched  on the well-known and successful citizen science platform, … Read more
  • DTC Programming Module Project: Identification of antibiotic resistance
    Background The inevitable and relentless growth of antibiotic resistance threatens much of the progress made by modern medicine in the last seventy years. Tuberculosis (TB) is an … Read more