BashTheBug @ Zooniverse

Below are the most recent posts about the BashTheBug project on the Zooniverse which you can find here.

  • Read all about it!
    The first scientific paper investigating how we can best use all the classifications done by our volunteers is now available for anyone to download and read here. […]
  • Oxford Public Engagement with Research Conference 2020
    We gave a talk, “Setting up an online citizen science project on the Zooniverse is easy: the BashTheBug experience” to other researchers at the University of Oxford […]
  • 4 Million Classifications Reached
    Hi All, We hope you are all well and keeping safe and sane during these trying and daunting times We wanted to say Thank You! You have […]
  • BashTheBug part of Earth School
    In response to the COVID pandemic, UN Environment (UNEP), TED Education, and many other partners and contributors around the world launched Earth School, which aims to give […]
  • Talking Science
    As part of the Talking Science series, Philip Fowler gave an evening talk via Zoom on Fri 15 May 2020. The recording can be watched via this […]
  • Science Friday livestream
    Ariel Zych and Diana Montano team from Science Friday hosted a discussion with Philip Fowler (BashTheBug lead), Carla Wright (BashTheBug coordinator) and Helen Spiers (Zooniverse liaison) yesterday […]
  • BashTheBug on ScienceFriday
    Last Friday 24 April 2020, Laura Trouille, who is Co-Principal Investigator for the Zooniverse and Vice President of Citizen Science at the Adler Planetarium, was interviewed on […]
  • Zooniverse volunteer study
    You may have received this email from the Zooniverse Team and already taken part; if so, thank you. If not, please consider participating as the more volunteers […]
  • Three million classifications
    You reached three million classifications on Sun 19 April 2020. That means it took you only 38 days to add a million classifications, which is astonishing. That […]
  • BashTheBug and COVID-19
    Like many of you, the researchers behind BashTheBug have been at home for a while now due to restrictions put in place to slow the progress of […]
  • Two Million Classifications
    You reached two million classifications on Thu 12 March 2020.
  • Shout Out….to our top 20 Volunteers
    We would like to give a special Shout Out.. and Thank You to our Top 20 volunteers: User Name Classification Rank Pego.cs 63053 1 Elisabeth B 35058 […]
  • Visit to The Batt School, Witney, Oxfordshire
    On Friday 13 March I visited The Batt School in Witney, Oxfordshire as part of their activities for STEM week. This is a primary school (5-11 year […]
  • We need YOUR help celebrating reaching two million classifications
    As of midnight Tue 10 March 2020 you had all done 1,959,626 classifications and so we will reach two million classifications later this week. To celebrate we […]
  • Second largest number of classifications in a day recorded
    Yesterday evening (UK time) the Zooniverse sent an email to all their Citizen Scientists encouraging them to give BashTheBug a try. By midnight you’d all done 26,208 […]