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BashTheBug is one year old!

BashTheBug was officially launched one year ago today. Since then 10,213 people from all over the world have classified 735,070 images of M. tuberculosis growth, which is one every 43 seconds all year.

You’ve finished three datasets; an initial validation set from seven clinical laboratories from four continents and then two further datasets from two different Asian countries with a high burden of TB. (Well, we are 1,206 classifications short of the 121,305 we need to finish the second country, but you will probably finish that sometime tomorrow!)

BashTheBug has won an award and several of you have spotted artefacts in the plates (see here and here) that we missed.

Here’s to our second year and our first results, which we will share with you soon.


By Philip Fowler

Philip W Fowler is a computational biophysicist studying antimicrobial resistance working at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

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