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1.5 Million Classifications

Wow, last Monday you reached 1.5 million classifications. Thank you.

That is

  • about 500,000 classifications in a year
  • which is a rate of 1 per minute through the whole year

and allows us to

  • arbitrate on 42,000 difficult antibiotic measurements
  • which is equivalent to 3,200 96-well micro titre plates 
Figure 1. How the 1.5 million classifications grew over time from April 2017 to Sep 2019. The black line is cumulative (right-hand axis).

Of course, the number of volunteers who’ve helped and contributed has also increased with time

Figure 2. New citizen scientists, by week

The last time we looked at the volunteers who had done the most number of classifications was back in September 2018, so below is an updated list. Since more people have contributed I’ve expanded the list to include the top fifteen volunteers, which coincidentally is everyone who has done more than 10,000 classifications. (For the record, I’ve done 460 classifications and I run BashTheBug!). If it takes you 10 seconds to do a classification, then 10,000 would take you 28 hours of non-stop bug bashing so to make this list requires patience and determination. Thank you.

UserNumber of classifications

As you’d expect, many of the names are familiar but we do have a new volunteer who has done the most number of classifications: pego.cs. You must have done a lot of classifications in the past year! Together everyone in this list has done 19% of all the classifications.

If you are in this list, we will be getting in touch shortly about a mystery new project we’d like your help with… watch this space.

By Philip Fowler

Philip W Fowler is a computational biophysicist studying antimicrobial resistance working at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

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