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Second largest number of classifications in a day recorded

Yesterday evening (UK time) the Zooniverse sent an email to all their Citizen Scientists encouraging them to give BashTheBug a try.

By midnight you’d all done 26,208 classifications bringing us to 1,959,626 classifications. Thank you.

Not only is this the second largest number of classifications we’ve ever seen in one day, but it is only 124 shy of the record (26,332)! Perhaps unsurprisingly the record happened the previous time The Zooniverse emailed everyone back in August 2018.

We are now only 40,374 classifications away from 2 MILLION and, more crucially for us, are rapidly working through our backlog of images so we are catching up with the labs around the world that are taking these photographs.

By Philip Fowler

Philip W Fowler is a computational biophysicist studying antimicrobial resistance working at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

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