Lab Manager

Ali Vaughan

I am Ali Vaughan and I am The Lab Manager for NDM’s Modernising Medical Microbiology, or MMM.

I ensure the smooth running of the lab and the safety of all scientists working in it. I make sure that all scientists in my lab are familar with general lab safety and fire safety. I also require them to have a protocol, risk assessment and chemical safety form in place for all experiments that they undertake.

I am responsible for addressing any safety hazards and for reporting them to our Estates Office if repairs are necessary.

I make sure that we have a consistent supply of plastics, chemicals and kits for the needs of all researchers, and place orders when we are running low.

I organise regular service and maintenance visits for our equipment. If we need to purchase any new equipment, I contact suppliers to get the best quote for the best product.

In order to become a lab manager, you need a science-based degree. A few years’ work experience in a lab environment is essential.

I do not work on a specific project, but I am able to assist in most lab-based projects, when required.