Three million classifications

You reached three million classifications on Sun 19 April 2020.

That means it took you only 38 days to add a million classifications, which is astonishing. That averages out as one every 3 seconds. The previous million took nearly a year-and-a-half!

Since we asked you all to send in your words and images last month to celebrate reaching two million, we decided to recognise reaching three million classifications by overlaying onto the BashTheBug logo all the usernames of everyone who has participated, even if you’ve just done a single classification. That is 19,639 usernames, however, so the writing is really, really tiny — you’ll need to download the high resolution image and then zoom in!

If you didn’t login to the Zooniverse, you won’t find yourself on the logo I’m afraid, and also if you deleted your account it will also be missing.

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