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Our second calendar year and it has been a busy one. Highlights of the year include

In 2019 our first scientific papers will appear about how BashTheBug is helping the CRyPTIC project create an accurate dataset of the antibiotic susceptibility of thousands of clinical TB samples collecting around the globe and how we can use this to infer what genetic variation confers resistance. Watch this space!

Focussing effort where it is needed

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Until now we have simply sent all the images of each¬†M. tuberculosis sample growing on each and every of the 14 antibiotics out to be classified by the citizen scientists. A while ago we realised that some images are “easy” in the sense that all the volunteers we show it to all give exactly the same answer. So, with a bit of work behind the scenes, we’ve written some computer code that can detect where the wells are in each image and then measure the amount of growth in each well. Now, it is isn’t perfect; it can be confused by small amounts of growth and artefacts like air bubbles and shadows, but it does mean we can confidently filter out the relatively easy images, thereby allowing us to only send the more challenging cases to you, our volunteers.